My Bounce Back Story.

“The Bounce Back Advocate” is a moniker which was bestowed upon me by my mentor, Philanthropist, Brand Strategist and Keynote Speaker, Ivy McGregor. Upon walking her through my journey, she recognized that as a result of my life circumstances I am truly a fan of the comeback story! I have had various moments in my life where I have encountered obstacles that attempted to knock me out and hinder my destiny. I’ve suffered deep heartbreak, complete financial disparity, bouts with depression/anxiety as well as loss of identity. But God! With the assistance of my village, spiritual counsel and licensed therapist, I continued to bounce back and each time I grew stronger by turning losses into lessons. Now I see myself the way God sees me. I know everything I’ve been through was preparation so I could personally relate to each person God has called me to reach.

In addition to being part of the Ivy Inc. Soarers mentorship program I am also a graduate of the exceptional Koran Bolden Bold Moves Coaching program. I serve proudly as an active member of the elite organization Black Christian Influencers along with being an annual attendee of the groundbreaking Young Leaders Conference held in Atlanta, GA hosted by Elder Mark Moore Jr. 

I am a networker, innovator, connector and motivator whose goal is to assist and elevate every heart that I encounter, one person and one bounce back at a time!

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