Bounce Back Gives Back.


Our Purpose.

The Bounce Back Non Profit Organization assists women with obtaining basic essentials and adopting mental health and wellness principles. In addition to donating our time, talent and treasure, we advocate elevation from hardship to success; or as we describe it from set back to bounce back.

Meet The Team.

Lauren Spearman



Marcea Parker

 Vice President


Brittany Griffin



Loren Coleman

 Director of Events


Dedra Duncan

 Director of Outreach

Girls Night Event.

Mothers have different stories, but a common need for an outlet and relaxation. To hear another woman's story of hope, triumph, and advice can make all the difference in the world to a mother at the end of her rope. The “Mental Snap Back: Pampering, Push & Purpose Event” serves as a mental vacation and physical staycation for the mothers in attendance. We bring luxury amenities to a private location where each mom will receive a chair massage, 5 star gourmet meal, wine, and girl talk! Each woman is greeted with a rose and a compliment from a gentleman greeter as he helps her into the door. They receive tickets to put into the raffle of their choice to win giveaways provided by local small businesses. Following the service of the food, the massage therapists on hand will provide back and foot massages to ease any tension. There will be ice breaker activities to have the women think deeply about their individual purpose, network and make new friends/ business connections. At that point girl talk will commence. Venting, encouraging and motivating one another, and panelists providing support and coping skills. Mental Health and Wellness is a key focus in this event as suicide rates and death by stress are at an all time high. This event will serve as a non judgmental escape and oasis for each woman who attends. The goal is that she will not leave the same way she came. Her load will be lightened and she will have found a renewed sense of self love, self care and purpose. A happy healthy mom, means happier healthier family units as a whole.

ladies night fun!


"Where do I start?!️ I guess starting off with saying thank you! The evening was absolutely everything!! Your labor, the work you poured into this event did not go in vain. This event showed your heart.  The fact of you gathering many women together to be poured into and loved on without asking for a single dime from the attendees. From the setup, the beautiful queens gathered, the food, the gifts, the massages, and the speakers, everything was wonderful! I’m so proud of you for pushing! Keep going forth, I’m here for it all. I pray for a bountiful of blessings. In Jesus Name. Love you!"


-Nesha Garia Hardin | Event Attendee


"This event showed your heart...without asking for a dime from the attendees."

Partner With Us!

The Set Back to Bounce Back Fund 

The monies in this fund are allotted solely towards awarding monthly cash assistance to women in need. It is our goal to keep the recipients anonymous to the public as to protect their dignity and not exploit their circumstances. These funds are aimed at use for monthly bills, education or professional development fees, gas/groceries or to simply encourage a self care experience. We aim to take the burden away from women who make too much to receive government assistance or help from any other programs, however are living paycheck to paycheck as they strive to make a living. In certain cases, it is at the discretion of the non profit to require a bill to be submitted for proof and paid directly to the creditor. Women are nominated via the website and recipients are voted upon by all members of the Non Profit Executive Board, then dispersed by the Treasurer.